The Clothes are in the Stove

“I have lived between two homes for most of the past year.  My life has been split between my Mother’s needs and my families needs.  So much of last year was lost because of her illness and the level of care she required.  I fully realize that we really did not have the struggle some families deal with for years but for us it was life changing..”  Picking Up the Pieces & Moving Forward

The journey of care giving for a loved on with dementia and losing them faces most of us, in varying degrees. This is a timely, touching piece for me given what is evolving for my aunt and all of us.


One thought on “The Clothes are in the Stove

  1. Thanks for sharing this piece. I was backtracking through your blog last night and realized how fast things have happened since your aunt broke her hip. It was like that with my mom too. This is a difficult journey but you are helping others as you share your experience.

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