Mental Stimulation…Singing Along in your Mind

Carolyn, with the sweet voice, serenades my Auntie.

“When you wore a tulip, A sweet yellow tulip, And I wore a big red rose, When you caressed me, ’twas then Heaven blessed me, What a blessing, no one knows, You made life cheery, When you called me dearie, ‘Twas down where the blue grass grows, Your lips were sweeter than julep, When you wore that tulip, And I wore a big red rose.”

The young woman comes weekly to sing. She has visited 11 years, singing to the residents. It is interesting to watch people in their 80’s & 90’s, with dementia, put together the lyrics to the oldies…the real oldies.When she had finished singing to the residents assembled about the dining room table, she went into my aunts room and gave her some individual attention and finished with the ‘yellow tulip’ song. My aunt could not sing along, but I am certain she was running the lyrics through her mind as she listened. The young woman remembered one of her fondest memories of my aunt was listening to my aunt recount dances in the early 1930’s. My aunt awoke enough to thank the young woman. 


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