Hospice, Last Rites & The Wait

The Ending...Kathryn L. Wright

Labored breathing ~ Eyes barely open ~ Words trying to escape the mouth ~ Vacant stares ~ Pain ~ No food ~ Little water ~ I summon a Priest and the Final Blessing/Last Rites (Anointing of the Sick) ~ It is a touching and I see anxiety from my aunt ~ Difficulty breathing…10 seconds of more between breaths at times ~ pain ~ I call and summon a Hospice RN ~ A decision is quickly made ~ Paperwork is read and signed by me ~ Morphine ordered and delivered ~ hand clutching and direct stares ~ don’t look away ~ “I love you” is rasped out from inside…”I love you too” ~ Phone calls made across country ~ “Don’t leave me tonight” ~ “I don’t want to close my eyes” ~ “Not imminent, a couple days probably” ~ the Wait ~ Studying the face, the eyes, the breathing ~ the loud tick of the wall clock ~ appointments cancelled…”When do you want to reschedule?”…”Well, I can’t say yet”

Physical therapy, speech assessments cancelled. Will she do one of those rebounds that confound or confuse? I just don’t know…I really don’t know and the slow motion vigil begins. 

I don’t mean to demean or over dramatize the times now. As in the beginning, as I lost my mom, I will write, as it suits me, to express, vent, sort and emote. 


5 thoughts on “Hospice, Last Rites & The Wait

  1. You had my undivided attention as I read your post today. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Having experienced the loss of my mom last year and fearing the loss of dad this year, I know it is difficult to experience and to write it about this time. May God bring you peace and comfort. Know that you have done everything you can for her and she knew that.

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