Changes, Redemption, Single Blooms

I was out and about paying some bills for my aunt yesterday and thought I will pass by my mom’s house (‘the old house’ now, as it’s sold) and see what had transpired. It was an amazing transformation; not quite done but close. A new roof, paint job (the original paint colors now, not sure how the new owner guessed on that one). I met a man, who invited me inside to see the transformation. Truly nice. Today, the house is being staged (furniture, accessories etc) for a weekend open house. My wife intends to make an appearance (they said she could drop by) and check it out and maybe grab a few more pics than I did.

The house has been painted and actually displays its original colors from fifty years ago. Even the gazebo was painted. The landscaping has been minimalized.
The small kitchen has had a warm makeover. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I don't have the capacity to envision these types of changes.
This was the final accounting for drop box expenses at my mom's house. 18 months of out of pocket expenses to keep the stuff moving out the door and to the dump. Vast sums of damaged goods were removed and a great deal salvaged and sold.

I was checking on my aunt’s house yesterday, and the symbolism of two single blooms reached out to me. I do that a lot 🙂   The geraniums have sustained temps into the twenties several times over, yet there amidst the withered remnants of the geraniums my wife and aunt planted last May & June was a single vital bloom. Also, inside the house is a Christmas Cactus. It is the only non-plastic flower inside the house. According to my aunt it has not bloomed in years. Yesterday, there was a single bloom glowing amongst the green. Ok, what the heck is one to draw from all that and extrapolate into some cheesy moment? It speaks for itself, to me. Day by day my aunt will chug along and there is still that bloom on that girl. We will see what today brings.


2 thoughts on “Changes, Redemption, Single Blooms

  1. I just found your blog and thank you for it. You are writing about a topic important to me and my family. Maybe every family has a hoarder, I don’t know. But ours has 2. I didn’t even know what hoarding was until about 10 years ago. Now there are television programs about it. Thanks for sharing. Maybe sometime I will post about our family’s experience as well. It is a difficult topic to deal with.

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