Hoarding Woes: Final Estate Reports for Probate

I have remarked about your obligations in managing an estate or being a Power of Attorney. To refresh your memory regard the messes that can ensue: you have mail for your family (in my case my wife’s business, our personal mail, two kids mail, my aunt’s mail, my mom’s mail). You have bills to pay for all of the above in varying degrees and schedules. Perhaps you have a job where you bring your work home. And, you have tons of junk mail pouring into the home.

Some of the final paperwork my mom's attorney has been begging for over the past month.

The time has come to turn over all accountings for my mom’s estate, in particular the sale of the home and belongings and the records re the management of her monies. This has to go to Probate asap. I am behind. The chaos of life in the past several months has derailed me more than once. All the interruptions pull you this way and that and you dare not stop to hide.

So woe is me, enough of that. Point is over the past year and a half my wife and I have paid for all manner of goods and services using multiple credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts and now we must put this together for the attorney. ‘Why didn’t you just use one dedicated account to pay for everything?’ Yes indeed. But, monies varied from account to account, week to week. Being scattered, we did not maintain a separate account to only handle my mom’s affairs. I run such an account for my aunt and can draw upon all the written checks to show the expenditures and income. We just got scattered. So, now we present a mishmash of records that must be explained/itemized and soon.

Yes, all connected but what a mess to sort through. Better to have some how organized it from the beginning, especially if someone has to step in to help or take over.

Separate this and that would help. What really helps is keeping track amidst the many scenarios of life interruptus. Keep things separate (did I say that), keep a box or bin for just that mail. If you pay something, remove the old envelopes and discard all paperwork not really needed. You can have a dozen or more letters from a medical facility for the same matter (no one will flood you more with redundant mail than a medical facility).

So, here is a little tidbit that displays how stuff can get out of hand: I mention the vast amount of mail coming into our home. Also, a dangerous factor has emerged in the last few months. My daughter’s college stuff (furniture and boxes) has surpassed her old bedroom and into an upstairs hallway. My son’s stuff was moved back home and occupies a downstairs spot in the living room and a large section of the garage. Final stuff removed from my mom’s sets here and there in our living room and dining room. The dining room table (usually commandeered for fly tying about now) is stacked with stuff. DO YOU SEE THE TREND?!

Tons of mail, tons of stuff not ours/yet ours now. Illnesses, time management problems, the weight of life and we look about and see a worrisome development. We stand and look at it and turn away to handle my aunt, work, attorney, health, life. It nags. It weighs. It cannot continue. The East wind is blowing harder and cold. It makes one seek the comfort and warmth of the home. Fortunately, we can still find the couch, chairs and beds. But, dare we wait for Spring house cleaning?

Tidying up after Christmas, decorations down, boxed put away in the attic. The tree out. That will create some sense of space.

The care facility has just called this morning. My aunt seems disinterested in eating, drinking, awakening. Life interruptus….the mail, the stuff, the things waiting to be done….wait further. Oh, I do have to get to work too.


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