Auntie’s Resting…So, am I

Last night, my aunt saw in the new year with the care givers and some apple cider. She smiled and took in their hugs and gave thanks for yet another year.

The other residents were asleep. My aunt was not asleep. Bed bound now, she was the sole guest for Mr. & Mrs. Caregiver quiet celebration. 

Today, my aunt was mostly asleep as I sat near listening to her labored breathing. She has taken in little food and liquids since arriving back. She is sleeping more. I took a picture of her wearing a cute little ‘Happy New Year’ crown but given her facial expression it seemed inappropriate to show. Her Santa hat hangs above her on the wall testament to recent happier times.

I do know she is happier now that she is back in the foster home in the familiar environment. The caregivers did rearrange her room to allow easier mobility around my aunt’s bed, which will facilitate easier tending to her needs.

So, rest…physical therapy…food & beverage intake…med’s…signs of fighting back. This next few weeks will be important. My aunt always seems to surprise us. Now is a good time to rest up after the recent events. Hospital stays, whether serious or seemingly routine, do alter the routine for the family and sleep patterns are often altered. I may be finally shaking my week long bout with the crud. Need to mend too.

I can dream can't I?


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