Broken Hips Vortex & Happy Holidays

It has been a long several days. My little dynamo aunt has had quite a journey  beyond her broken hip. She has survived the pain and hallucinations (well, I survived the hallucinations). 

This fountain is a peaceful distraction of the ‘Cancer Wing’. I visited here often with my mom. She left this wing to come home to our house in hospice mode. My son had emergency surgery here (in the Ortho section) for Strep Pyogenes (research this creepy infection sometime). So, as beautiful as the fountain is, it also has some darker associations. So it was this morning as I wandered the empty halls to get some exercise. Beauty amidst the not so beautiful.

Now we await the assessment by the Social Workers and Physical Therapists, who will decide the best followup care (Physical Rehab Facility for 20 days or In Foster Home Care with visiting rehab specialists). All this is reportedly paid for by Medicare. 

The little dynamo would be most upset that I would show a picture of her sans ‘chompers’, hair flowing and roughed up cheek and eye. But, it was a loving look and she was scared. This silly penchant to record and give meaning to this journey via photos is obviously intrusive and potentially insensitive, but I want to remember many parts of this some day. On the up side, she has received numerous compliments on her painted nails with the Christmas design.

Right now she is off her Mental Med’s and it shows with hallucinations, agitations, physical outbursts. I anticipate she will be back on them in short order as she was becoming a bit of a legend here over Christmas. She appears to have weathered the post anesthesia complications and agitation and ground out yet another fight. What a champion! What a Tiger. Frankly humbled, even inspired by her courage and determination.



We live in a reasonably good sized American town of about 1 million (urban boundaries included). So imagine this coincidence: Christmas Eve night. I notice a brother in law show his wife a text message at 9pm. The family soon became aware that his grandmother had fallen and broken her hip. I extended my condolences. What a shame I offered. As he prepared to leave, I noticed I had missed a call from my aunt’s care giver. I called. I was informed my aunt had fallen, the firemen and emt’s were at the facility…she appeared to have a broken hip! 

With numerous hospitals in the town, and neither really close to each other, residence wise, they ended up at the same the hospital…same floor…side by side…with the same Orthopedic surgeon


2 thoughts on “Broken Hips Vortex & Happy Holidays

  1. 52weeks52couches

    Wow — unbelievable!! I am praying for your aunt constantly… You may remember that I have commented before about having spent the summer with my grandmother while she was in the hospital/rehab for complications from A-fib (TIAs)… She is home now, but falls constantly. I am always afraid of her breaking a hip… 😦

    1. I do recall you…based on your interesting 52/52 concept that brings all manner of things to mind. I do hope your grandmother avoids the bone breaks! Nerve wracking for sure.

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