A Nice Holiday Visit

The remaining sisters: 94 & 93 years old. They had a very nice visit today. My aunt was calm, if still confused. She enjoyed the visit with her sister, niece and great niece and nephews. The care giver had my aunt especially decked out in a pretty top and the family brought my aunt a very cute Santa hat and some handcrafted keepsakes. I am glad the meeting went well and I hope the positive karma carries over into the holiday season for all those that care for my aunt.
The little great niece and nephews warmed up my aunt. She particularly liked the hand crafted trinkets and treasures they had put together in her honor.

You can see by the picture above that my aunt is minus her glasses. She broke the side piece off and popped out the lens. I took them in for new frames and a new look. She has the reading glasses I bought her for close up, but needs to have the other goggles for distance. This will be the fourth time I have had the glasses fixed. I am going for sturdier frames.


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