Hoarding Woes: ‘Stuff’

The driveway, this Summer. There are enough pictures on this blog, especially in June & July, regarding the driveway and the backyard. The irony of this shot is my aunt saw this growing pile. She saw me create it, under her intense scrutiny. Tonight she accused me of secreting good stuff beneath the pile of debris, so I could come back later and steal it.

As I have noted before, when I enter the care facility and the care giver shakes her head or rolls her eyes, I know it has not been a good day, nor is it likely to be a pleasant visit. Tonight when I entered, she not only warned me of the day’s difficult events, but warned me further that I was the bad guy and my wife was not far behind on the shit list.

I had assisted my aunt the night before  in prepping Christmas cards to mail out (yes they will be late). Today, I addressed and stamped the envelopes. The cards had a hand written greeting by me and my aunt simply had to write her name inside and I would marry the cards and envelopes and get them out in the mail tomorrow.

She liked the little snowman Christmas cards. In the end, she scribbled her name. Her mind could not grasp the plan. It's done. It was a distraction.

Well now, I had to get an ear full on what a rotten, stealing man I am. She wanted me to explain all the stuff she had found in my car today. Hmm? While I contemplated some clever and not overly sarcastic remark, she directed my attention to the nearby murky water with snakes. Ok, I had to discuss the snakes and really never got around to defending myself from stealing what….? The damn ‘angels’ she had me looking all over for the other day! I am smirking, almost smiling, while I write this. It was too much like a bizarre moment, like in August, with me looking quizzically about for some Candid Camera team. Except there isn’t one. And, if you are not a frequent visitor, she did not, could not look in my ‘car’ (truck) because she is most often confined to a wheel chair and she had not been down to her house to catch me loading up my car. And, no I don’t have the blessed angels either!

I was accused of serious crimes tonight. I have ‘matured’ so much in just a matter of months. In August, I would have drilled back. Tonight, I listened to her verbal assaults and directed her in signing her Christmas cards and listened as she wanted me to help her leave the facility. 

Am I emotionally flat, deflated, exhausted? I am pretty deflated of late. The holiday season is whizzing up closer and closer. I will keep in mind the true meaning of the season and not sweat the small stuff.

‘Stuff’….such a funny little word. Could be ‘things’ but often ‘stuff’. “My stuff’ “It’s my stuff’ ‘Where did you put my stuff?’

Origin of STUFF

“Middle English, from Anglo-French estuffes goods, from estuffer to fill in (with rubble), furnish, equip, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German stopfōn to stop up, from Vulgar Latin *stuppare ………First Known Use: 14th century” (stuff)

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