Hoarding Woes: ‘What angels…?’

Ah yes. The search. The trailblazing. The search for the angels in their original boxes, never used. I sat with my aunt tonight and explained I had looked everywhere for those angels. ‘What angels?’ she says. ‘I said trees, didn’t I?’ Of course, she didn’t. And, I moved those two darn boxes with trees everywhere while looking for the angels.

There is sits, in the back, the box with the metallic tree. One of many trees in this room. Notice to the right the object covered with the black garbage bag.

Yes, my aunt has a fascination with Christmas. So did my mom. Bizarre accumulations of all things Christmas and not just small ornaments and trinkets. No truck loads (sort of an exaggeration) of string lights, artificial trees galore and a never ending supply of fake poinsettia. My aunt use to decorate to such an extent that every window at the front of the house (5) had its own Christmas tree, of various sizes.

The bag off the smaller tree in a corner with two windows available to display the lit tree.

I think my aunt’s sweet little metallic trees are not needed now at the care facility. The little reindeers might be an adequate gesture. I think they have done a nice job decorating at the care facility.

My aunt had a nice visit today with her nephew and his son. They made the drive down and will visit a bit tomorrow before heading back East. My aunt was in a jovial, sweet mood this evening. She could not quite remember whom had visited her just hours before. But, she recalled it being a nice visit.


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