Hoarding Woes: Angels to the Rescue

My Dear Aunt with some trinkets from the hoarding home. My aunt has her hoarding, in most rooms, centered in massive piles with one way almost impossible way in. Her treasures & keepsakes are often situated up and on an outer edge of shelving. Barely visible behind the piles of stuff. I was fortunate with the angels; they were within easier reach in the living room where we had cleared bigger trails and cleared seating last year.

My hoarding aunt was in fine form last night. Mellow and almost in the present. Her memory was fairly crisp in the long term. In the short term she still mixed up everyone’s names, as usual. She had refused to eat lunch  and dinner and sipped only tea. She wasn’t depressed, only calm and excited.

Excited? Excited to decorate for Christmas. The tree sat empty in  the care facility. The previously used strings of lights were kaput. They were off to buy new lights. My aunt, in her almost ok state of mind, exhibited something she possessed before (and my mom possessed also), an edge. 

It is an edge to the voice that is not necessarily judgmental as impatient. I grew up with that tone of voice. Impatience borne from what I don’t know. But, regardless, they both had the ability, when whole, to get things done and done well. Now, I don’t mean the ability to fill small and large spaces to the max with all manner of crap. No, I mean to decorate and artistically create in beautiful ways. That instinct still exists for my aunt. She had given up most of the room to do such things by filling every vacuum in her world with un-beautiful stuff.

I assured her the tree would have the lights on today and the decorating would commence with that completed. She dispatched me to go to her home today and try to find two angels, still in the boxes, somewhere in her home beneath piles of clothing. She wants me to find them and bring them to the foster home so she can contribute to the decorating. A positive state of mind. 

Now, if you have followed here or if you have also dealt with dementia and elder care you know that this is a teeter totter, merry go round, bungee jumping experience. Also….the UTI’s  Medication was given. It is now gone. Mental clarity returning because of that? Also…the paranoia and agitation while on a certain med. The med removed and a new med intro’d and finally working to relieve that agitation? All factors to be judged and for me guessed at as to their relevance. 

Some how today, I will make my way to her home and enter to search where angels rest beneath the piles and set them free. Wish me luck………….


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