Hoarding Woes: ‘This bra just doesn’t fit……..’

"This bra just doesn't fit anymore. I don't know what is wrong"

You never know how your child will act in public, nor do you know how a 94 y/o gal will act with dementia. I sat and listened to my aunt chat about different topics. Last night she was at ease and I sensed no tensions. She still saw, heard the departed. She still could not recall who has passed on in her life, but she was mellow and content.

A gentleman was visiting the care givers, thinking about placing his father. He walked about and stuck his head in each room to say hello to the residents and I imagine get a sense of the realities for the facility. When he arrived to my aunt’s room, with the care givers a conversation ensued. The care givers introduced the man and his intent. My aunt launched into a story.

I figured where ever this goes, I was not going to steer it. It was what it would be. Well, given all the degrees of paranoia, anger, accusations you can imagine my trepidations. But, she simply said the sweetest things about the people caring for her…how they tuck her in, give a kiss good night, how she was a afraid at first, but how nice it is now……..

I didn’t hear the mental sigh of relief from those nearby but I suspect they could have paid my aunt in advance, behind the scenes to give this glowing report! 🙂   Just joking, of course. It is a wonderful establishment.

You will notice my aunt is minus the collar. A moment of relief from the propping device. She prefers something to bring pressure to the sides of her neck be it a collar, scarf, or some device to create pressure to help relieve the osteoporosis pain. Tonight she went without the collar for awhile. 

My aunt asked for a keepsake of sorts from her home to give her visual comfort. I will see what I can extricate from the clutter in the living room. The Christmas tree is up, as yet undecorated, at the care facility. I hope my aunt will be in the mood to participate with the decorating of the tree. 


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: ‘This bra just doesn’t fit……..’

  1. annietiques

    I’m curious, does the “sister to the south” show any signs of hoarding behavior??? Just wondering……..

    So glad that you have made contact with the daughter in law…….the more people that are assured of your true intentions for your Aunt the better! It just shows the lack of true understanding of the “sister to the south”; she would never be able to handle your Aunt’s health and welfare concerns…….she is in the right place with the right people!!!

    Wishing you a calm holiday season, Ann

    1. Thank you Ann! The Sister to the South is a meticulous, accomplished woman. She is still painting at 93 y/o, keeps a spotless home….but, has a ware house full of unpainted china ware that would take another life time to paint. Not sure if that facet of her life would be considered hoarding. Thank you for the Season’s Greetings and to you and yours as well.


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