Hoarding Woes: Memorabilia

I went to my aunt’s hoarding home today to check on the security, heat and to see if I could find any old pictures to show my aunt. I found a bunch of 1930 and 40’s pictures from her childhood farm and quite a few of her and her husband Felix on the west coast. There are pictures of my mom as well.

I found pictures of her home in years past, but haven’t decided whether to show her those or not. They may arouse that old ‘I want to go home’ mantra or just give her enjoyment. I imagine I will show them. I also found a sizable magnifying glass to help her better see the old B&W, white bordered pics.

I hadn’t taken the time to really peruse the remaining mess inside the house. There is quite a bit left inside and a daunting amount outside still remains. Although it is not terribly cold, it is in the 30’s and my post surgery hot spot doesn’t seem to enjoy the cold just yet (it has been only 50 days). There is a lot remaining to be done. Funds are winding down. Sales will have to take place by Spring to accrue monies for the continuing month to month care. Let’s get through the holidays, the New Year and then I will see what seems doable. 

Too Many Burdens

                                by Ellen Bailey

You may sometimes feel your burdens are too much

That they cause you worries, heartaches, and such

You go to bed each night with problems on your mind

Hoping by the break-of-day some relief you’ll find

Everyone’s life is touched by trials and tribulations

That sometime leads to a life of quite desperation

A kind of doom and gloom permeates the soul

So much so that you put our life on hold

But God never gives us more than we can bare

Don’t be afraid to call on Him in your darkness hour

Place your trust in Him and your troubles He will hear

He will help lift your spirits and calm your fears


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