Hoarding Woes: Missing Puzzle Pieces…….

Last night with my aunt was mellow. I spoon fed her dinner and she ate well, took her meds and drank liquids. She was not too animated, agitated or paranoid. She did see a departed sister in her doorway. She did lapse back into the ‘where’s Felix’ mode. She solicited the help of the other two residents to figure out where her husband might be. 

One resident looked at me and shook her head and said, ‘I am thankful I have all my marbles’…..the other one became agitated and yelled ‘where’s my Daddy’ then messed his pants. My aunt felt the agitation at the table but missed her connection to it.

We eased through the several hours visit with out the recent paranoia and accusations. No, my dear aunt was back into the search, the quest to find out what happened to her husband. She was like searching a table top for that jigsaw puzzle piece. Her sense of abandonment, neglect and loneliness was heavy. I attempted to reassure her that her man was watching over her and that he was safe. Of course, during these times, this is little comfort to the ever inquisitive, searching mind of my aunt.


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