Hoarding Woes: Paranoia of Old

My aunt yesterday. Elevated paranoia of the old variety: about stuff, possessions, money. Trust challenged.

Since the visit from the muckrakers, the tone has been the old paranoia of a hoarder. Finances, the safety of stuff, who has access….the repetitive old concerns were first and foremost. My aunt was not hallucinating over who was sitting in the room. She was quite confused about where she was: in a care facility, in her bedroom at home, at her sister’s home to the South.

My aunt openly said that she was advised to go to the bank and check her finances. She was told to go to her home and check her stuff. Her sister told her to do this. Did she? Pandora’s Box here.

Every time there is a visit, this is the aftermath. People whom place a higher value on possessions and money than common sense jack up the emotions after they depart. My aunt cannot be transported anywhere. They have been told this. They have been told the estate is in order (if the relationship can sustain it, get the living trust or will done!!!). They pick the mental scab off  about the evil intent of others (me).  So, at least for last night, I dealt with accusatory inferences about her garage sale stuff, her treasures, her money, her stocks, her insurance policies, her garbage. Will it pass? Probably, until the next visit.


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