Dancing With Dementia: Swing Time

Swing Time

Do you tire of hearing about yet another swing from the bleak to the sublime for my demented aunt? Finding a middle, mental space in your own brain is probably a safe place to be. Swinging along on this journey is risky. But, I have to say, when my aunt is in the here and now AND like firing on more cylinders than I have seen in several years, you kind of have to go along for the ride. Wowzers! Yet again, crisp and snappy. Laughing and cracking one liners. Yesterday the devil woman was in the body. Today was amazing and fun. I sat with a table full of elders and just watched a 86 year old man and two ladies in their mid 90’s laugh and have a grand old time. 

So, there, I had to share yet another swing time and unlike the bleak last night, tonight she was in the zone. Tomorrow the sister and her daughter in law come up from the South to visit. I can only hope they have a reasonably close replication of tonight. 


Here is an interesting story worth a read about inheriting a hoarding home and perhaps the hoarding genetics at GREG’s STORY




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