Hoarding Woes: Tweaking & Easing

What to share re my dear aunt? She is mellow and smiles now. It is the new med (Seroquel) and at times I struggle with this medicating for effect process. I get it. I understand the needs for meds…for me. I struggle with my making these decisions for another. I have not had to do this for a child (hyper activity, etc.). So, I will ease my mind and qualms and reap the benefit of my aunt being calmer and less agitated. I will enjoy her clarity, fleeting as it will remain (she asked me last night how my back was feeling…alluding to my surgery a month ago…a rare recollection of a recent, past event).

I enjoyed spooning chocolate ice cream and a brownie into her mouth last night. As she tasted the chocolate her eyes rolled upward in delight. She is such a lover of chocolate. The picture above is her holding a small, live Christmas tree with ornaments. My aunt loves Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Tweaking & Easing

  1. 52weeks52couches

    Aww, very sweet, feeding her the ice cream and brownie (it really is the little things!)… and when she remembered your back surgery. And lovely line: “I will enjoy her clarity, fleeting as it will remain.” I know this must not be easy for you, though… This post reminded me of a Three Dog Life. Have you read it? Excellent book…

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for the kind words. I have never read Three Dog Life. So, I did a little research. Ms. Thomas’ life sounds profoundly more tragic, yet I am certain, based upon the reviews I read, that the discomfort over certain decisions remains. Thanks for the tip re the book too.


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