Hoarding Woes:

I didn’t visit my aunt tonight. I had a scratchy throat and thinking I should not get near her. So, I called the primary care giver for a status check on my aunt. Well, my aunt ate a little here and there. She took her meds. She watched a little TV. And, she talked to the other residents. ‘Great’ I say.

The sly smile of the 94 y/o provocateur. A sweet smile. I have noticed my aunt's hearing is excellent. The woman that has taken her own path for much of her adult life, still finds the ooomph to reach for the steering wheel now and then. HW/SB

Well, apparently my sweet aunt has formed a sudden alliance with another resident. The alliance is formed around a simple set of questions: “Why do I have to be here?” “When am I going home?”  The culprit in this bid for freedom is my dear aunt! Yes, she is more verbal now. She is pounding the drum for freedom. In between, she dozes.

Hmm? Well, now. This is my aunt’s past, frequent mantra. The other resident is more problematic and easily agitated. Divide and conquer? Not likely, so dinner time conversations will require innovative and defusing answers to the dynamic duo.

Not meaning to be disrespectful, just can picture the conversation and the followup questions to the care providers. They, care givers, handle this quite well, but usually not two at a time. 


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