Hoarding Woes: Illness, Injuries & Mental Change

My Aunts, at a dinner, just days (June, this year) before my aunt fell and broke her knee. Things have gone downhill from there.

The transformations of my aunt, physically and mentally have been profound in just 5+ months. Yes, she is 94 years old. “Well of course, she is an old woman, after all.” Sigh. Yes, easy critique from the outside. But, the fall and subsequent injuries have unleashed the mental slippage. I was warned, as I wrote months ago, by a nurse. She was right. 

My recent surgery, has been unsettling. The pain before the surgery was seriously debilitating. The pain, post op, has been different and mentally stifling. I find I have a great deal of trouble concentrating and completing tasks now. A result of the surgery? Sleep deprivation? Stress? I don’t know the why….I do know that I can relate to the pain and fog seem to go together. Different than my aunt’s journey, but it gives the means to relate.


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Illness, Injuries & Mental Change

  1. annietiques

    Does your surgery aftercare program include physical therapy???? It may help to relieve the pain as you strengthen the muscles that support your back.

    Search out a warm water pool in your area………they can do wonders for relieving pain while you strengthen and stretch your muscles!!! Sometimes they are sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation……..called Aqua Therapy.

    But then again there is the stiff Scotch and water treatment……just one!!!!

    1. Ha! They are suggesting PT in about another month, maybe less. In the meantime, I am considering sitting immersed in a warm tub, a Scotch in hand and ……….. ok, just one.

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