Hoarding Woes: Last Light….Goodbye

I have been writing some somber stuff of late. With good reason, the hoarding life style of two sisters has taken a toll on many people. But, that somber stuff aside, a side story that I have alluded to before displayed itself tonight as the final farewell at my mom’s house. 

On a few prior occasions, I have mentioned the perceived presence in the room by those inside my mom’s home. Ordinary people who, separately felt the presence while alone. Now, I have a belief in such things, but I don’t fuss about it…too much.

Tonight, in the dark, members of  The Team left my mom’s home to remove a final load of scrap metal from the yard. The house was totally dark when they left. They dropped a car at the house, with the intent of coming back for it later after dropping the load of metal. They arrived back later, this evening, and saw a bright light shining from the kitchen out into the yard. 

What is interesting about this, is no one had been into the home. The keys are no longer available, except by the team and they never entered today. The new owner does not receive the keys until tomorrow.

Equally interesting is this light fixture has never worked in years. My parents did not use it, because it always burned out a bulb and it finally stopped working. I tried, and others did as well, to fix that light to no avail. The neighbors have never seen the light shine out the window before.

Team Members unlocked the side door and went into the kitchen. All knew this was weird. All knew that when they turned off the light, they would be in the dark while they made their way back to the stairs and down to the side door. One exited early. The final two, turned off the kitchen light and made their way to the stairs, toward the side door.

Creeped out, one was certain he heard a noise from the dark basement (he is impressionable). Out they flew. The inner door was then locked and finally, the locking screen door was secured.  Adults shrieking like children.

Odd story I know. Sounds, moved stuff, sensations all can be possibly explained, but it is very peculiar about that light fixture. Oh well, back to the other ‘reality’.

My aunt refused to eat today, beyond maybe a total of one tablespoon of food. She refused assistance in eating and drinking; she refused her med’s this morning but did take some this evening. Her attitude was not pleasant. She eventually fell asleep and I let her rest.

Because of family conflicts etc. many cannot visit the care facility on Thanksgiving Day for a feast. I will visit in the morning for a while. So, with that said, we are going to have an early Turkey Day tomorrow afternoon/evening. I have no idea how my aunt will act toward the event. But, we will attempt to make the most of it.

One thing, apparent to many, but which I didn’t consider: a adult foster care facility is not just a place for individuals to be infrequently visited and otherwise alone. If they are healthy enough to engage, the place is indeed a home. All sit around together a good part of the day. Meals are shared and when you visit, you often visit with all the clients, not just your family member. That is not to say you can’t visit alone, I certainly do that. But, as often, I sit in the living room with everyone and share in conversations with three clients with varying degrees of dementia. They miss their families. They are not always anchored in reality. And, they are often much sharper in some remote sort of way than one would think. They study your expressions. They listen to your words and they study each other’s behavior. All very fascinating. 


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Last Light….Goodbye

  1. LV

    Wow, spooky. I guess higher powers at work to greet the new dwellers. Wishing you a happy “early” Thanksgiving with your aunt and family.

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