Hoarding Woes: Cognitive Assessment

My Aunt Lost...In Another Dimension of Dementia. Hoarding Woes (SB)

As part of the new home health visitation process (House Call Providers), a new cognitive assessment was given by a mental health therapist. The last one was given in Mid-August, just prior to her falling and fracturing her neck.

I was unable to attend the assessment, so I am not certain what test was given, although it sounded quite similar to the first one given. According to those in attendance, my dear aunt performed far worse than the last time.

In line with what several blog viewers have said here before, the therapist also was reviewing meds, infection possibilities, hydration, diet and any environmental stressors.

Through this process my aunt exhibited a sweet smile, but looked about looking for me. She asked several times if I was near, because she thought she had heard my voice. Her anxiety was evident. I regret not being there. Today was my first full day back to work, with meetings stacked. The process was gentle and quite professional. The information from the evaluation was prepared for review by the therapist for the physician’s visit tomorrow. I will be there tomorrow to introduce myself. I don’t intend to insert myself. I want my aunt to hopefully establish some relationship with the female physician.

My dad had a stroke and I was with him 24 hours later as he passed away. My mom was with us in hospice and again, I was with her as she passed. My aunt is a new experience.

It took over a year to build a relationship with her; to develop trust. And now since the serious injuries, she has probably lapsed into the dementia progression. This, like the hospice journey, is a new path in life. It is slow motion decline for my aunt. I have seen that the other resident’s families infrequently visit their mother or husband. They have been at it longer.


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