Hoarding Woes: Cozy Visit

I arrived tonight to visit my aunt. She was dozing in her wheelchair. Bags packed and repacked throughout the day, ready for me to take her home. I awakened her by gently rubbing her frail little back and whispering her name. She came awake in a most gentle way and was so sweet to chat with. Not in the present, but not really agitated. I set her bags aside and she said nothing. I presented her with her little stocking caps and scarf and she was very thrilled. There was a time she would have insisted on the receipt and repaying me. Fortunately, these days she graciously receives offerings of affection and just says thank you.

Happy to be scrunched up and warm. Her room isn't the least bit chilly, but she feels more secure this way.

We chatted about all manner of imaginary events and visitations. She conversed with her sister sitting beside her. Of course, she was not sitting there, but my aunt caught her self at one point and shook her head and smiled. A nice ending to the evening. I left her with a kiss atop her new hat and bid her goodnight.

I didn’t tell her I had sold her sister’s home today. I thought it better to let that rest. She rarely mentions her long time best friend anymore. I guess the finality of my mom’s departure, looms around some mental corner…to be avoided. Ooops! Didn’t mean to sound somber. I’m not, nor was my sweet aunt.



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