Hoarding Woes: The Reality of No Reality

Hoarding Damages: Just an update day of sorts.  Met with a realtor and my mom’s house will be listed this week. A chapter in life will have some closure, but the chapter will not be forgotten. The reality is the home was beautiful, setting on a over sized lot, in a prime Portland area and had many of the amenities a family would want….but, the interior of the home is so trashed a $100K+ redo is not out of the question. That coupled with the economic downturn and it will lose great value once the debts/liens are settled up. Yet, the good news is the home has been cleaned to such a degree and touched up outside that it can now be shown in its as is state. I just want it done.


Things were simpler in May. Color, promises of sunny afternoons on the front porch dozing, taking in the quiet comings and goings of the neighborhood. My aunt had weathered the Winter and some Congestive Heart Failure. She was renewed and had even given into some cleaning on the driveway. That all changed mid June with a stumble and fall. SwittersB

Visited my sweet aunt late last night. Made telephone contact with a nephew and niece. I let my aunt talk from where ever she was. It was obvious she was not tracking correctly, but no matter. She was happy and chortling along with a smile on her face. I kissed her forehead Good Night. Such a sweet lady. I anticipate re-directing the Team back toward my aunt’s house to address remaining messes and ready the house for Winter. Maybe a bit of progress can be made while a Team remains to be utilized. Early darkness now and colder temps will limit progress. More weekend work than anything. I am not yet up to anything with post op status limiting any lifting. The reality is, the work here is to remove zones for animals to live and die. To eliminate any area a transient could sneak in and reside amongst the piles and tarps.


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