Hoarding Woes: Down Turns?

Since my aunt’s outburst on Halloween night, she has been very subdued and sleepy. She is sleeping through the night and spends much of the day dozing. Communicating with her is rarely in the present now. She worries where her husband is (long passed), she does not talk about her possessions, although when she does possess any energy, she endlessly rearranges her possessions in her room. A cast of characters visit her (all passed) and her spatial assessments are askew (she often views her self in upstairs/downstairs arrangements). Her voice is weak and gentle in tone. She may snap out of this as she has in the past. She has surprised us with renewed verve. Her meds are not an issue. We await the arrival of the new home visiting physician to assess her for an infection although her temp’s are normal. 

Mid-Morning Nap. The sweetheart is gently strapped in to the wheelchair, lest she make one of her frequent efforts to escape the confines and move a few feet before collapsing. This, of course, has been the cause of frequent injuries. The physical therapist has ended therapy. He believes she is as good as she is going to get and has peaked. It is up to us now to keep her walking with support. Yet, of late, she does not want to walk....she is "just too tired". SwittersB

It is a time to hold her hand. Whisper to her sweet words. A few calls have been made to favorite niece and nephews but no one seems to be home. She leaves weak, forced little messages on their answering machines (if they have one). Our visits are felt, but forgotten in short order. It is like that at times. The eyes closed. A visiting voice. A touch. A pat. A kiss. 


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