Hoarding Woes: House Calls for my Aunt

The medical treatments for my aunt have been out of the house, with only a few exceptions (visiting firemen, emt’s and a nurse). My perception has been that my aunt will increasingly have difficulty (and, so will whomever had to transport her) getting in and out of a car. She can walk with a walker, but not very far before she looks to sit down. Her mental confusion creates tension in the process. So, I sought home visits from a physician and nurse practitioner for my aunt last Summer, but there was a shortage. 

Recently, the lady passed away in my aunt’s facility. She had a house calls physician. By this point, my aunt had declined more and I wondered if there was a possible ‘opening’. I made the application again. This time they approved. Two wonderful women (a doctor and a nurse practitioner) will visit my aunt. She seemed to like the idea and met the nurse practitioner yesterday…a wonderful woman.

This is a good, practical move. I have but one regret, which I know is only me, but her recent visits with a female Physician’s Assistant were enormously refreshing. Not just for my aunt but for me. The woman was a gem and how you hope your own doctor would be. We had only just met her as it took a while to get into her, after my aunt’s other PA (a fast talking, cold guy, who could not stop with the medicalese spewing forth). But, the practicality of it all necessitates this move and someone else will be very lucky to have met that female PA. 


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