Hoarding Woes: Advanced Directives Complete?

Truly a moment, of awkward possibilities. Sitting with a loved one and going down a list of medical options and making decisions for their immediate care, should they not be able to communicate those decisions….life and/or death decisions. Maybe they have thought about it or perhaps they have avoided thinking about it. Now you have them cornered and go down the list re resuscitation, meds, pain management, extraordinary measures…yes or no?

Oh yes, you can have that pink cardboard page filled out and be done with it. But, if you are a care giver or have medical representative responsibilities as I did with my mom and now do with my aunt, you may be called upon to discuss that pink card as your loved one lies there unconscious. Discuss it. Know it. Grasp the import of their decisions. 

Once this card is filled out, it is not open to debate by you or others. Know it and honor it. Make certain a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner see the card and sign the card. The hard part will be getting your loved one to go down the sections (A thru C) and arrive at a definitive decision while they are lucid.


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