Hoarding Woes: Boooo!!! OMG!

First day back, out and about, a few errands and too much driving. Ugh…pain meds wore off and I was behind in the pain bar graph in short order, pegged at an 8 and panicky. But, I had to make an appearance at the care facility to see my aunt.

Within seconds of seeing my aunt, I can tell the lay of the mental landscape. If she sees me and puts a hand to the forehead and looks away then it is down hill from there. Such was the case today.

A little light banter just before dinner. Hello love, how are you? Oh really…. keep it light. Nope….she is upset her sisters were there all day (one still alive/one dead 20+ years) and they did not say good bye to her before leaving today. This has been a frequent occurrence of late. I find it odd, but not so I can discuss it with her, why she never sees my mom (her life long, best friend) or her just departed other sister. My mom never once enters the conversation anymore. Just curious.

I wheel her to the kitchen table and help feed her. “Boy I am glad they are going to finally feed me today”…her third meal. We pass the time as I spoon in mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts (no actually she wouldn’t touch them, so I ate them), and meat loaf. All this was topped off with an Ice cream sandwich, which she wolfed down as well. Liquids washed it down and all seemed ok, all things considered. 

The care giver moved about the room showing a cell phone pic of a young grand daughter or friend’s child (I can’t recall, remember I was in pain) in an adorable little Halloween costume. My aunt smiled and guffawed along with the others. The care giver gave me a quizzical look, but in my painful delirium I did not pick up on the head shake. As, I took an early exit and good night to all the care giver followed me outside. I made sure she did receive my email regarding the evacuation issue (I won’t mention it tonight) and she had indeed and said it is something to be addressed with the new doctor that will commence house calls this next week (yes we have been approved for a primary physician to actually visit my aunt at the facility to handle many problems).

Then the care giver felt duty bound to report an incident that happened last night: at one point several little grand children, dressed in their princess and action figure outfits came to visit their grandma…the care giver… So adorable were they and so wanting the little tykes to be around elders and the elders around little children, a little interaction seemed in order. Well, the little darlings were escorted to the door of each client’s room, so the client could see the darlings and smile and say something pleasant. Oh you can sense what is coming…….

When the darlings reached my aunt’s door they were apparently so taken by her that they moved into the room. Toward my aunt. My aunt possibly, apparently, conceivably, mistakenly took the darlings as some other worldly creatures and commenced to kicking at them and yelling at them and in an effort to secure leverage and stop her wheelchair’s rocking she grabbed a dresser (the big one you’ve seen in pictures…the one she fell against and broke her neck and lacerated her forehead….that one), which also has a portable TV on top. She so forcefully jerked at the dresser that the TV proceeded to slide off the top of the dresser toward my aunt’s noggin. 

Fortunately for my aunt’s noggin, the care giver was there and snatched the portable TV from the air in a miraculous feat of dexterity and helped contain what was already an incident of great proportions to little princesses and an action figure. Lordy me!

So………so, what the hell! You cannot isolate her, or if it comes to that then other considerations will be in the offing. She is somewhat contained with the belt that secures her in the wheelchair. She has never lashed out like this before at children… ever…..but, she did lash out awhile back, if you recall, swinging wildly at a care giver cleaning up one of her messes and smacked her (my aunt’s) forearm against a rail thereby sustaining a fractured elbow. Crap!

Being off in another time zone is one thing. Physically taking action against anyone, particularly little ones, is a problem. Today, she had no memory of the incident according to the care giver…..  

And I ate her damn brussel spouts for her! Just another day in the saga of my dear aunt. Fortunately, I was in so much damn pain, I left upon hearing the story. I offered my apologies…like it helps.

My aunt had three little darlings last night for Halloween. At my house we had 173 (yes I count). They are 12-20 y/o, thugs, no costumes and particular about what you hand out. My aunt had no idea how good she had it last night.

You can probably tell by my rambling, run on, more than usual, screwed up grammar, that the pain meds have kicked in.



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