Hoarding Woes: Steady As She Goes……….

My wife has made the daily visit to see my aunt the last few days. The visits have not been pleasant. I thought of finding some images of dangerous men lurking in the dark or snakes in a swamp as those are the images my aunt now has had, while awake…while my wife sat visiting with her. No recognition of my wife. No asking where I am. I need to get up there. 

It probably serves no purpose for me to write these observations. Should I do it to chronicle the journey? To chronicle the possible/probable downturns of this journey? Does it serve a purpose for anyone beyond my venting? That was the original intent of this blog…to lay it out there for better or worse, knowing some, most would turn away from awkwardness, repetition or it appearing unseemly. 

So, there it is. A few ugly, flat days for my aunt. Hallucinations in the ‘present’. 


Another distant nephew who dutifully writes one page scribbled notes to my aunt describing the weather and how broke he is called today. Started off chewing me out for not letting him know what was up with our aunt. She had written. He had moved. I told him to go F himself and hung up on the manipulative piece of shit. Lesson for others: dutiful letter writing nieces and nephews score big points with lonely elders, even if their selfish sorry asses are no where to be seen during the hard times.


Need to get down to both hoarding houses to turn off the outside water for the Winter. Need to get some heating oil delivered into my aunt’s house to maintain the temps and put out some moisture gathering deals. Not going to rush this rehab. Couldn’t if I wanted at this point. But, can’t rush it mentally either. Going to try to see my aunt tomorrow. See if I can put a smile on that girl’s face.


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