Hoarding Woes: Two Tunnels…One Has A Speck of Light

I had the pest control guy out today to nuke the yellow jacket’s nest. That done, yet another 20 yard box was filled with is just about the last…just about, the last of stuff in the house, garage, patio, sheds, property.  There is probably enough for another smaller drop box. The yard is almost done. 

I borrowed this logo off the side of a bus. Had to. It is a nice, if untimely slogan. I am using it now...and I imagine several years from now I may be fortunate enough to use it for real.

I sat tonight in my mom’s home. An empty hoarder’s home. What a feat. And, I know, given our capabilities, our intelligence, our drive, our limitations that we would never have endured a cleanup with my mom present. I know how hard this has been without her. I know I would never have done it. It has been very difficult and grueling.

It dawned on me tonight, with great clarity, that some 17 people in varying degrees have worked their tails off inside/outside at my mom's property. That much of a work force could not have been mustered in my mom's presence. Even with that workforce and allowing for burnout, downtime, weather, grieving, it has taken over a year and a half to get to this point. SwittersB

To the other hoarding dynamo, my aunt. Her days start off pretty well, but the sundowner syndrome is loud and clear. She is deteriorating into a grim, fussy person long about 5pm. She is hell bent on going home. 

I have started pushing for home (foster home) visits by a physician, rather than facing the Winter and trying to bundle her up and take her to appointments. The paperwork has been submitted and I am waiting for the approval.


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