Hoarding Woes: Juggling Bowling Balls

Pulled In Every Direction by Shadow Rhyme

Just a status update for my own edification. Why writing it down helps clarify the lay of the land:

Stacks of bills for my mom’s estate and my aunt. Several are a week over due. Transfer funds to cover foster care facility for check I wrote over the week end.

Make sure Home Care Nurse calls in script for my aunt to primary physician. Pick up additional scripts for my aunt at Safeway.

Check on getting lost title for my dad’s car so it can be sold. Go to my aunt’s house and check on it and pay gardener. Check on exterminator for my mom’s house so cleanup can continue. 

Arrange for back up at my work as I prepare for surgery this next week. Handle termination of two problematic employees and complete all paperwork before end of week. Handle payroll and HR issues that will spill in next two days.

Received notice from City Water Bureau that I have high water use at my mom’s house. They believe I have leak (broken pipe from last Winter’s freeze) somewhere between meter and house, and I am responsible for all fixes. Shit! Fix broken toilet at my mom’s house. Buy more light bulbs.

I have requested and received help on my mom’s houses cleanup. I have slowed down on my aunt’s house…actually come to a grinding halt. Turn off all water to outside faucets and winterize the exposed faucets. 

Monitor closely my aunt’s health and emerging cough. See her as much as possible as she seems to becoming increasingly agitated. 


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Juggling Bowling Balls

  1. Mary

    I was glad to hear you are having help with your mom’s house. Anything you can do to lighten your load is a good idea. I will be thinking of you next week and praying that all will go well. Could you have your wife put a quick note on the web site so we who follow daily will know how things are going? Hang in there!


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