Hoarding Woes: Clean Up & Agitation

On a positive note, my Team is moving along nicely inside and outside at my mom’s house. A third drop box is nearly complete, save for some yellow, buzzing intruders. An agitated yellow jackets nest is inside one of the many Alberta Spruce shrubs adjacent to the drop box. Their glide path is up and over the drop box to parts unknown. We may have to find another way to fill the box or take it out as is to call an exterminator. We don’t want to risk the attack in their agitated state.

Right of the left, lower corner of that drop box is a yellow jackets nest...a buzzing danger zone. SwittersB

The efforts outside to clean up the beds for Winter have been wonderful and such a relief for me! 

The beds were over grown with weeds, briars and shrubs/plants growing into each other. They had not been touched up in well over a year.

Just one of many beds on the property that use to be laden with roses and fuchsia. It was always an eye catcher right off the side door of the house. 

The shrubs topped off or rounded. Certainly much nicer looking now.

The smelly carpets pulled out of the house, exposing shiny hardwood floors. It is now down to a few rooms of odds and ends… Oddities too. Dare I say this here? You recall I remarked this Summer that the people preparing for the Estate Sale had some experiences that made their skin shiver. Jokes were bandied about re spirits watching over the activities. My wife remarked that it was probably my dad cheering at the cleanup and my mom making sure items were correctly priced. 

There are dark back corners and rooms that invite active imaginations to twitch a bit. However, there seems to be sensations, forces, odd lights that confound the minds of those less inclined to imagine ghostly events. I have not experienced these events. Of course, I spent most of my time last year bent over in muck and wetness cleaning up with an air filtered mask and goggles on. I may have missed the protestations of some spirits. Now that the house is 99% vacant of stuff, there is the house itself. A blank canvas for mental shenanigans or.....perhaps something moves about. I do recall when I was 8 y/o old, well never mind. I am not sure how he died in the house. I don't want to bring unnecessary anxiety afoot for those that are alone in the house cleaning up. SwittersB

We did learn there is a very dark, attic room that has some things in it. Hmm? Now that could prove to be quite interesting, as I don’t imagine my mom or dad put anything up there. The previous owner had suddenly died and left the home and much of the contents to my mom. Even as we clean out the house, much of the upstairs furniture pieces were not my parents, but were from a much earlier period. Grainy black and white photo’s of stark expressions lined the walls. Who were those people? Certainly harsh looking people.


My aunt sat lost in the process this morning as a home health nurse, discussed in her presence, but really not in her presence about "the process". A discussion that probably should have been held away from my VERY AGITATED aunt. Poor judgement on my part. Inclusion was, on the surface, a great idea. But, given her mental state, she was not really paying attention to the words. She was sizing up a different process herself. One that she suspects is going to keep her away from her home. I know that smirk. That knowing glint in the eye. The lower jaw canted to one side. "Yep, they're out to screw me over." Looking a little, fuzzy, out of focus. She was not a happy girl, despite my trying to keep her abreast of the discussion. An overly officious nurse that visited to take a look at that rattling cough did not set her at ease. She treated my aunt as if she were deaf, a mute, a stuffed doll. My take, I know. Just an unnecessarily stressful morning. SwittersB

Yes, agitated yellow jackets, spirits and my aunt! Some hazards can be seen and avoided. Some you bump into, some you don’t see coming.



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