Hoarding Woes: Helping Hands

On the clean up at my mom’s house, great strides have been made the last few days. I took pictures with my Crackberry, but alas, Blackberry’s are having troubles of some damn sort and I cannot load the pics to display here, for now. The helping hands are so helpful right about now. The Team has come through, yet again, and relieved a chunk of the cleanup burden for my wife and I.

Went to visit my aunt tonight. She was seated at the dining room table finishing dinner with some chocolate ice cream. We visited about her day. She had packed to go home, yet again.  She was much more in the present, but not quite. 

She apparently did quite well today with her physical therapy (walking) and this, I see as a double edged sword: she needs to exercise to avoid getting weaker and weaker. She does this and does get stronger and more self assured and empowered (in her mind)……to go home.

The neck remains the current obstacle. But, assume her neck gets reasonably as good as its going to get. No more doctor appointments, at least to surgeons. No more debilitating breaks. Only the cold, hard decision, stated, held to, put right out front: you cannot go home because it is unsafe for you to live alone. Why? Your dementia. For now it seems unnecessary or too provocative to lay it out now.

Regardless of where her mind may be on any given day, of late, she thanks me for being there. That I know is true. SwittersB

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