Hoarding Woes: Shellac Nails & The Next Drop Box

As I worked away in my real world job (kind of), the hoarding world of my aunt and mom had odd turns of fate today. My aunt, at 94 years of age,  had her first manicure today. She had a thoroughly wonderful experience, although she was not quite certain where she was (care facility). In the end, she was very excited about her shellac nail job and was excited to go home to her hoarding home (hmmm…no).

My dear aunt was so in the moment (in her special way) for her first manicure. This special day was orchestrated by the loving lady, who cares for my aunt.

The nail lady was equally happy and so very patient and careful through the process. My aunt enjoyed the laughs and seemed to stay connected to the conversations.

The nail lady was so very kind and communicative to my aunt and the other lady, who also enjoyed a manicure.

At the same time, across town at my mom’s house, the Team had arrived (without me) to an awaiting drop box. In short order, they filled a 20 yard drop box, no small feat in the pouring rain and with so much loose debris and odds and ends. 

My mom, was much more into her nails than my aunt. I don’t believe she had ever had a manicure either, but she did maintain those nails up until the very end of her life. I can still see her applying a fresh coat of polish. Anyway…I digress…the Team cleared away the cob webs from every pathway..

The Beginning of the Project...Clear the Spider Webs (And, watch for those big spiders!)

Now, I don’t have the pics just yet. But, I do hear the Team uncovered hardwood floors beneath the old, smelly carpeting. They filled, as I said, the 20 yard drop box. For the record, probably in excess of a dozen 20 yarders have been filled at my mom’s house in the last few years. That combined with my aunt’s house and we are well in excess of two dozen drop boxes. 

I stopped procrastinating. I received an offer for help and I took it and feel part of the burden lifted. Family and friends have stepped in to help and fortunately much of the sorting and heavy lifting had already been done, so we did not have to suffer through the ‘does this go?’ or ‘what do you want to keep over here?’. It is hard or impossible for a hoarder to decide and you may find it hard too.

Sometimes the stuff is trashed and it is easier. Sometimes you reach a point where you won’t save anything and then later, you feel guilt over trashing items of value. So many feelings and they all come out in this process. Pictures to follow.

A pretty successful day: Shellac/Gel nails on a 94 y/o gal and a full drop box with another one coming tomorrow!



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