Hoarding Woes: Delegating Nagging Jobs

I recently wrote about nagging chores to be completed at my mom’s house. The yard work was particularly nagging and I could not envision the oomph to get it done this Fall. In light of pending surgery and competing demands, I reached out to Travis, my bro in law and recruited him into the Team. I met him at the house this morning and went over the seemingly endless list of tasks…’action steps’ to move toward the giant Goal of preparing the home for sale.

The front of the house was overgrown with old weeds as high as the roses, rhodies, fuschia and hydrangeas. Travis sent me a pic of the front already scoured out. The roses were pruned and the Lilac tree was cut back a bit. SwittersB

The effort continued throughout the day, with pictorial updates. I was thankful for the progress. I immediately felt my mind decompress. Plans have been made for drop boxes and a concerted effort to donate and purge the remaining items in the house, garage, storage sheds, TP’s, yard, patio, and yes the gazebo.

One of many piles, this one from the beds along the driveway and the wisteria that grew up the chimney and started intruding into the siding.

This is a definite Action Step toward the Clean Up that Mountain of Stuff Goal on my checklist! Thanks Travis.



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