Hoarding Woes: ——————————————

Dementia: Ugh..flat and stuttering. Two days of paranoia, imaginations. Totally forgetful within a minute. Struggling to get out of the wheelchair, while restrained. She forgets she is restrained. Adjustment of meds or just see if she cycles through this yet again? I know. It is the on again, gone again cycle. 

Today, my wife and distant aunt were conspiring with the staff to shut down the facility and tuck my aunt away in some dark, forgotten institution. Of course, neither my wife nor distant aunt have conspired with the staff. No one is exempt…except me of late. 

You, perhaps by now, know the look. Squinty eyes that appear to look more inward than out. Maybe it is the downward glance, as if being introspective? Either way, when she is in this mode, she is lost. Any comment or question is like a small note passed out a cell window to a passerby....'Send for help! I am being held hostage!' SwittersB

I was incapable of taking her back in time, as a distraction. She was focused about escape, tonight with my assistance, to get back to her home and her stuff. It has been sometime since she focused on her stuff. Boy, did she today. Of course, even the stuff discussion was not accurate. Her recollections were lost on me. I don’t recall seeing her recollections nor even discussing them as past events. Yet, she had precise visions of where certain items are and she wants to go lay eyes on them…’soon’!

The care facility is quieter, a bit more somber. The loss of a long time client has had an impact. The lovely woman, lost in MS’s grip, has departed to a more gentle place. Staff has been removed/relocated to reduce costs, etc. There is a bit of shock, of loss. My aunt does not know the circumstances, but yet I think some of her anxiety and agitation is intuitive. Maybe, just maybe she senses the loss, the changes. May I just say, the staff here are wonderful. Doing their best every day. They are not just taking care of my aunt. They care for others, who are equally important to their families. 


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