Hoarding Woes: Neglect in Stages

Dropped by my mom’s house yesterday. It was a gloomy morning. I had finished with a CAT scan. I will be having surgery in less than two weeks on my spine to relieve bone on bone friction and probe about for some unwelcome intrusion. Bad timing. The beat goes on….. But, the nagging inner voice I had all Summer has come back to bite me in the ass…(hmm, how does a nagging voice bite an ass…ok, I am just tired and things are not flowing well tonight).

What was obvious was the neglect. If you have followed along, you know why. A great deal of time spent cleaning up my aunt’s yard and home in anticipation of her return….seriously naive anticipation it turns out. But, hey we learn. 

My dad built many play houses. Some were little, some were two story, some had ladders to the roof, some had open windows, some had real windows, some had dirt floors, some had wood floors. Wars were fought, hide and seek was played, neighbors girls were kissed. SwittersB

As a result, my mom’s house is a sad place. At least I had some one mowing this year. But, so much has sagged, bulged, crumbled…just like that. Isn’t it odd that there are different forms of neglect. For years my mom carted all manner of purchases into the home, sheds, garage, yard and any open space save the front yard. As a result, the structures suffered through a lack of cleaning, lack of heat, lack of ventilation, too much moisture..on and on. 

The Gazebo. My mom wished for it, for years. She envisioned sitting in it and taking in the yard, but it was an open space. Once decorated with wicker furniture and the obligatory ornamental cats, she filled it up. She strung ugly lights on it, yet never ran electricity to it. She never sat in it. Of course, possums and cats used the hidden caverns for shelter. There it sits. It was suppose to come with me, upon my mom's death, but to dismantle it and transfer it may never happen. It looks pretty tidy now that the yard around it has been de-cluttered and the grass re-seeded. SwittersB

If you are juggling multiple venues, or life is complicated, I suggest you pay heed to that nagging inner voice that tells you to take care of stuff. Don’t procrastinate. Keep lists. Keep them where you can actually see them on a daily basis. 

Something I learned a few years ago about lists, is a technique that helps me in my real job. Making a list of major goals is all well and good. But each goal or task might actually be comprised of many steps. So, if that mound of garbage is in need of removal…there it is on your list..’remove mountain of garbage’. But how about breaking that goal down into ‘action steps’. 

Remove Mountain of Garbage

Action Steps: Call drop box company for rates; Figure out what day will work best for you; Call Earl and John to determine their availability to help you; Call drop box company and see if they deliver on that day; buy gloves, additional garbage bags; where will you put drop box?; ……… you get the idea.

As you complete each action step mark it off and before you know it, the Mountain of Garbage is gone. You can, of course, be working on several Goals and their Action Steps. Perhaps a white board or legal pad is in order to keep track. Keep it up to date and keep it with you. Don’t leave it home on the counter when you are out and attempting to complete multiple Action Steps…ok enough of that! Geeze, even I was getting annoyed with that! 

Moss on the roof, gutters full of crud and sprouting all manner of vegetation. Vines growing up the sides and loads of debris remaining around the garage. Another structure my dad made at least three of over his life time...two car garages with plenty of storage and work benches. SwittersB

More Goals…More Action Steps…Less Procrastination…More Delegation. Now to my Aunt…Not a good day for her. Escape attempts. No turning their backs on her. Off in another time zone. Attempts to love her up: ‘return to sender, address unknown’ 


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