The Little Engine That Could….Or, Might!

Imagine my surprise tonight when I walked into the care facility and there was my aunt sitting in a normal chair, a comfortable, cushy, swivel chair. She wasn’t in the wheelchair. She wasn’t restrained via the chest strap. She looked a bit sleepy but her mental state was seemingly normal. She had eaten well today and she had even helped the staff fold laundry to pass the time.

This little dynamo, this little engine, keeps chugging along. There was no talk of going home, but save her sore neck, she seems stronger over night. Is this in my mind, or just a good day? She is worried about her neck and it does cause aggravation. Not just the actual injury, but also the collar chafes at the collar bone and beneath the ears. I plan on making calls tomorrow to seek a specialist for the neck. 

My aunt recalling her day's activities. She was comfortable in a regular chair, even if I wasn't comfortable. Such a remarkable woman. SwittersB

A certain aligning of the stars both concerns me and should please me: if she gets physically better or back close to where she was, then all that remains is the duty/burden to say (for me to say) she can’t or shouldn’t go home. Of course, the fact that at her age she can rehab to such a degree should make me happy and it does on a shake my head in wonderment level. However, the practical side says ‘Danger’ ‘Common Sense Alert!’

Seemed more pronounced, more defined with the injuries. Every day is a different chapter and seldom do two or more chapters follow a pattern. Some how that little engine is cranking up a bit……………………..


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