Hoarding Woes: We’re Off to See the Wizard……..

Off for a followup visit with my aunt’s knee doctor. She has been fussing for days against the chest restraint. She will enjoy the escape from the home. I don’t know what the outcome will be regarding any pronouncements from the doctor. I have been waiting for sometime for a referral to a spine doctor re my aunt’s C2 fracture. I realize one doctor won’t handle all the fractures (knee, forearm, neck).

When you stand back and look at the poor girl’s list of injuries it does beg the obvious questions re care and awareness. But, I have to say I have seriously searched my heart regarding all this and feel at peace that her osteoporosis and her own aggressiveness + dementia contributed to this at a time when none of us were truly tuned into her mental demise.  

It is a lesson that I have had to learn. Forgetfulness in an elder may be just that. But, in this instance it was part of a greater mental degeneration. We all just viewed my sweet aunt as that pleasant old lady who can’t remember things. No, it was and is much greater than that. Only after we removed her from the hoarding mess and had greater contact with her did we realize the extent of her decline.

So, this morning, I am off to gather her up and see what is up with the knee. Wish her luck. 


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