Hoarding Woes: End of Summer BBQ

An end of Summer BBQ, to close out the Summer, was met by steady rains, great food and some tasty hootch (Tzuica). About 18 people were in attendance. The food was outstanding and all attendees seemed in good spirits. 

My aunt was not too chatty but later said she liked all the talking and laughter. She has led such a secluded life for so many years that she now seems to enjoy the group setting. No she did not have any Tzuica.

My aunt was somewhat quiet, but responsive enough and her appetite was good. I watched as the chicken legs and breasts were grilled along with some excellent! Romanian sausages. As part of the ritual of BBQ to celebrate the end of Summer, I was privileged to share in some fine ‘end of Summer fermentation’ called Tzuica. The mood almost immediately improved and the smoke wafted up with the smell of that charring that smells oh so good.

The food was colorful and perfectly prepared. SwittersB

With the food and beverages and conversation winding down, I noticed my aunt seemed on edge. A quick few questions revealed she was in considerable pain and felt panicky. We retreated into her room and removed her from the wheelchair into her bed. Pain meds were administered and a cool wash cloth was put on her clammy forehead.

Easy, gentle conversation passed back and forth. My aunt was suddenly not in the present. She was not certain if she should have come by to the party. She wasn’t sure how she would get home. I told her to just close her eyes and relax while we visited. She unwound and spoke calmly and kindly. It was a perfect BBQ, save the momentary headache. She dozed and we said our gentle goodbyes. It was a nice afternoon to say goodbye to the Summer.


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