Hoarding Woes: Chocolate After 3 Months

Sweetie there must be something I can bring you? What’s something special you’d like?” 

You know, I can always go for a good piece of chocolate.”

My aunt's mood was upbeat as she watched the news and weather report. She remarked how the Summer had passed by. She said she didn't much care for Fall. SwittersB

We sat in her room watching local news, checking to see if it would rain. Birthday parties and The Race for the Cure are competing against an approaching front. Nothing big, just enough to take the edge off outdoor events, small and large.

There was not one mention of going home. No complaints about her aches and pains. No complaints at all. We shared an ice cream sandwich. I remarked that she had been at the adult foster home almost 3 months to the day. She shook her head to as much as say ‘my goodness’. 

The original target date had been estimated to be 3 months. It is evident now her broken knee is no where near stable enough to allow her to walk. That coupled with her broken forearm and the more critical body part…her neck make it even more evident she cannot be up and about without care….whether in a foster home or at her home.


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