Hoarding Woes: Snoozing & Procrastination

Life: what’s left, what closes in, what just is. During this low ebb for my aunt, she is not totally in the present, mostly in a confused state. Also, she is agitated at night and sleepy during the day. Med’s are not providing a consistent restful night. This being discussed and hopefully fine tuned…if there is such a thing. My aunt’s brain is not a well oiled machine to be tuned with modern chemistry. 

I have brought this up several times lately, perhaps because it is boiling over. Handling the personal finances, legal issue, medical issues of several family members plus your own plus a busy work schedule is a stretch for me. My planning capabilities are maxed. Calendars, time management, white boards and reminders are positively pulsing at me while I seem to be treading water and not moving forward. Burn out. Fatigue. Just plain mental drain. None of the tasks are that significant: make an appointment, schedule it on the calendar and in the Blackberry; open that envelope and write a check to pay an overdue bill, handle work, go water her flowers, finish up cleaning my mom’s hoarding home, hold off the State on $22K back property taxes, the list goes on and on….and what falls off on the front end of completed tasks is loaded up from the rear. Normal life?

No. I remember normal, ‘busy’ life.

Sorry. While my aunt snoozes, I sit nearby with that nagging feeling of procrastination that a hoarder must suffer.


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