Hoarding Woes: Healing the Body

Not much to report. My aunt is on a low ebb. I can make her smile and put forth a few sentences, but that is about it. No energy. I need to work her brain more. At least work that long term memory, even if the short term malfunctions. Tonight she thought it was morning. As we sat and visited, darkness crept in. She couldn’t turn her head to notice it (fractured C2). When I rose to leave, I thought it would be interesting to turn her wheel chair to the window to show her how it was already getting dark. She was upset at the darkness, thinking she had just finished breakfast and had the day ahead. That is disorientation. 

I removed the little butterfly like bandages from her laceration. It looks pretty darn good considering she bopped herself pretty good just a month ago.

My aunt may not have all her mental faculties, but I guess there is hope for wounds healing. SwittersB

I find it remarkable how that open wound healed up. I sometimes wonder about her fractures. I don’t hold out much hope given the osteoporosis. But, who knows. At least her skin heals up nicely. 



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