Hoarding Woes: Safe Passages, Day by Day

I have been out of town. Yesterday, my wife went to visit. My aunt had no clue who she was. My wife slowly attempted to reintroduce herself to my aunt. It wasn’t taking. In the end, after a half hour visit, my aunt had no clue who my wife was. More than me, my wife has been the epitome of patience.
Tonight, when I walked in, my aunt broke into tears. She grasped my hands. She told me how lonely she has been. We went through the usual of when she would be going home. “Who decides on when I can leave here?” I won’t go over my involved, convoluted answer. Well into it, I felt I had to finish my thought process even if I had long since lost her. I doubled back around and answered…”the doctors”. She remarked, “I am trusting you to look out for me. I need you near.” Of course, I reassured her that I would keep her safe, her home and stuff safe. It was time to go home, because they were getting ready to tuck her in. I stood, kissed her forehead and she patted my arm. “I am so glad I have you to come see me, otherwise I would be all alone. Why doesn’t your wife see me anymore.” I walk out at 8pm. It is already nearly dark.  “Lighthouses are used to mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals and reefs, and safe entries to harbors…” Wiki

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