Hoarding Woes: Loose Ends…Connections

I was letting my thoughts free flow about today. I did tie those loosely running operations together. They weren’t so uncoordinated as I imagined (you suspected that didn’t you), but it was more delays in their reporting mechanism than no consideration for the overall picture (my need to know for decision making) Ok, I am actually off the intended topic. I thought of a picture for my idea of tying up loose ends. I decided to hit Google Images for loose ends and came upon something quite eloquent…perhaps eloquent doesn’t do it justice. I came upon a lovely ball of string. The rest is, well you decide…….

Ball of Knots (Corey Amaro)

“The pain of seeing someone suffer. To see their life unravel, giving way to dark secrets that do not let go, but hang on and strangle their energy.

The dark night of the soul. The agony of standing by wanting to untangle their heart, wanting to be a guiding source that will lead them to healing, wholeness, to an untwisted path that is smooth, even and free. Though knowing they must find the courage to unwind, to look at the loose ends and to venture towards the broken thread.

The ball of knots, one after another, the long journey to the center… Keeping my hands open that they may hold on and find their way safely.”   Corey Amaro (Tongue in Cheek)

Nothing necessarily to do with hoarding, elders or dementia. Then again, it could, or just life along those bumpy stretches of bad road one thinks will never end.

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