Hoarding Woes: Life Interruptus

Adult Foster Care: competent, sincere care for a loved elder is a relief when life flows at you from different directions. Moving a daughter from one college (OSU) to another (UW) requires some logistical commitments. It also means my little aunt will have to sit in a safe, monitored environment without our visits. I will be thinking of her and checking with the staff. If she is alert enough, we will try to visit via phone while out on the big road. There is a definite tug to not let her feel abandoned. 


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes: Life Interruptus

  1. James

    So she will be a Husky Beaver, not good, the good news she will single for a while longer. 😉

    Bad joke I know, sorry margarita night. Best of luck to her.

  2. Kathi Hale

    We have had such nice weather here in WA lately, hopefully, you and your family can enjoy yourselves in Seattle. A change of scenery and leaving a situation for awhile can also give some needed perspective to a situation. It sounds as if auntie will be safe while you are gone which can relieve your mind–I hope….

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