Hoarding Woes: The Tent,That Man, What To Cook

This 'TP' (Tent) was a staging area for many garage sales, after my mom's death (as opposed to estate sales). It is finally empty of all salvageable stuff worth selling or that won't be donated to the Vets.

There is a 20 yard drop box worth of garbage and debris that remains to be tossed. In the meantime, there are about 3 more donation stagings like the one below that was set up this afternoon. And, in the basement is a hodgepodge of stuff that belonged to my dad. I intend to sort through this material once more (I have gone through it several times already) just in case I missed something.

The Vet's will bring a truck by in the morning to pickup this assortment of usable housewares that did not sell for some reason.

The house is pretty darn empty. We will get it tidied up and fit by this Fall. Not sure about the sale part (remember debt, Probate extension, appraisal, repairs, sale…..yawn….time to go see my aunt).

Lordy Me! My aunt was a gabby, pretty centered, for the most part content lady tonight.

 Pleasant visit tonight. Pretty with it. Memory better than usual. My aunt was quite gabby. We talked about living alone, the risks and concerns. We talked about ‘The Man’ in her room at night and how gentlemanly he is in the middle of the night when she needs help. She was impressed with his politeness and patience. She is not impressed with the lady that gave her a bath today…’the scrub brush may not have any bristles left after my bath today’. We talked about mellow things then the arm came to the head…. ‘I need to tell you something….’

The sweet girl told me that she somehow feels there is something going on. Something is going on behind the scenes that has to do with her. ‘I just don’t know what it is, but I can tell.’ Hmm? ‘Well, I said, I think there is a lot of uncertainty for you and everyone around you. You don’t know when or if you are going home. You don’t know how your injuries are going to heal. This makes things seem out of your control.’

She nodded her head, listened and then went on telling us how thankful she was for our company. Also, she wondered if she could live with another person in her home….’I am not sure I would know what to cook for them each day.’  What was that now?


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