Hoarding Woes: A Glimpse of Old

I got word my aunt was quiet, sad and that I better drop by. I was admittedly apprehensive. I anticipated my wanted poster on the wall. I arrived to find my aunt collared up and in bed. She saw me and reached toward me. She called my name. I looked hard into her eyes. She was there. In pain, medicated, but there. 

My aunt in her bed, side rails and collared up, stitched up. No wig. No glasses. But a sparkle. Guess we could get that hospital wrist band off now.

I sat with her and we visited. We went over her injuries and she didn’t push on when this or that was going to take place. We talked about her flowers. We talked about her broken glasses and then she took my hand. She gently said my name and told me how much she looked forward to my visits. My heart and mind quaked. That feeling of that wells up around your throat and moves to your eyes crept in. She said she didn’t know what would happen now that she had ‘really done it’.

Bridging a Gap....even if only temporary...I will take it.

Well the lesson is obvious, if not easy to fathom at times. This mental game changes quickly. It may change permanently or play peek-a-boo with your mind/heart. I said good night and she thanked me for coming and hoped to see me soon. I assured her I was going no where. I didn’t see a wanted poster on the wall.

Clematis in my back yard. Through all the twists & turns of late I hadn't noticed the pretty things right out the back door.

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