Hoarding Woes: Script Editing

The impetus, re my aunt’s home, was to clean it up to a safe, inhabitable level that she could return home and I could feel secure she was reasonably safe. I say reasonably safe because their was always this concern about her memory and risk taking.

Recently, a change has started in my aunt. Not because she is fighting to go home or even stubborn. Something to be admired in a 94 y/o woman to be sure. But, the mental faculties have grown ever more fuzzy, more forgetful, more volatile. Reasoning with her goes no where. The presentation starts for a logical explanation and midway into the second sentence one is cut off with the most irrational statements or questions.

Not eating as much. Very pleasant, then very hostile to care staff. Comfortable and conversant then packing her belongings and demanding I pick her up.

The knee is darker and more sore. The cause of this aggravation is lost on her. She doesn’t understand she is the cause and that abusing it is not going to make it stronger. It is not a muscle to be challenged and grown stronger through tearing down and building it up. It is a couple of bones, fractured and not knitting. She is not operating in her own best interest.

Cognitive Assessment. An evaluation of her current tracking capabilities. Coming. The decision has been made to assess. The results will beg the ultimate decision. The script is having a major re-write.       


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