Hoarding Woes: The Other Mess…My Mom’s

Awhile back, we turned over the major sales at my mom’s place to an estate planner. It went reasonably well and they are done with the estate sales. The remaining stuff, and there is a fair amount, has to be sorted and decisions made as to donations, dumpster, keep or maybe sell.

This was the basement kitchen at my mom's after considerable cleanup. Typical of most extreme hoarding situations, the floor had the required several feet of debris at the pathway. The sides were piled to the rafters and up the stairs. The smell, of course, is not evident...lucky for you. Everything was damp, mildewy or just sopping wet. Everything you see was covered.

There is enough damaged goods and garbage to fill a 20 yard box. There is an equal amount of stuff (to give you an idea of quantity) that must be figured out. The yard (lawn) has been maintained but the flower beds are sad.

I filed for and received an extension from the Probate Court, because of the conflicts right now that make readying and selling the house more than difficult. An accounting was filed by me also. The house must be sold, to settle the sizable debts. Now, of course, is a terrible time to sell, but eventually I will have to part with it as is and for a probable disappointing price.

I need to expand my efforts on another front and spend the time to finish up the house. I was in an avoidance mode for too long + focused with my aunt since my mom’s death. 

By way of  hoisting damaged stuff and garbage into drop boxes, between the two locations we have filled (13) 20 yard drop boxes and (8) 10 yard drop boxes. I expect two more 20 yarder’s at my mom’s house and quite a few more at my aunts (some day, smaller sizes). Yes, my mom’s was bigger than my aunt’s mess and we actually cleaned up the back yard twice without making it into the house….so, I do know about the cleanup wiped out with new stuff if you turn your back for too long.


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