Hoarding Woes: Doctor’s Appointment Tomorrow

Well, it has finally arrived. The follow up doctor’s visit. Time for new x-rays; an assessment on my aunt’s prognosis and I think a green, yellow or red light on going home. I am not certain what the x-rays will show. I do know, despite the earlier ‘this will take time’ assessment, my aunt is moving around with relative ease. Of course, she says the knee hurts, but so does almost every other spot on her body, so badly does she suffer from osteoporosis. Pain is nothing much to her at this stage, although it certainly was seven + weeks ago. Last night she even made a point of walking me to the door to hug me goodbye…just like at her house.

The house is not ready. I need to buy some time to finish the living room and clear out the bedroom a bit. Otherwise she will pull all that out into the clear hallway and beyond. No vacuum will go unwasted. Hell yes! you are thinking. What was I thinking? Yes, yes I understand. There will have to be much more frequent visits and involvements. It will continue to occupy a good portion of our lives. The Team will be on standby, and may be called upon if my aunt decides she likes the new look; but you know how that may go.

No complaining. Just if she does indeed come home, and who am I kidding, she probably is….we will be back into the routine that the adult foster home has so wonderfully performed for us. 

So, we shall see what transpires tomorrow morning. I am taking her to the appointment. I have a small note to hopefully relay to the doctor before the actual consultation. You know what it says….


One thought on “Hoarding Woes: Doctor’s Appointment Tomorrow

  1. Wren

    I hope that whatever the outcome of the doctor visit is, it will ultimately support her quality of life and your peace of mind. Good luck!

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